Never Say Goodbye!

The Last Sunset! This picture comes to us from Gayatri Franklin, a 15 year old student of Delhi Public School, Chandigarh, She captured the setting sun on December 31 for The Sip of Life.

Another year has set in and we feel so fresh and new in a hope that 2012 will bring best things for us and leave good memories too!

I am sure it is going to be the best one ever for you, and I feel the same for myself, but with a hope that I will emerge as a better person in the New Year. I feel this year will bring lot many surprises, a mix of good and bad, but I also know that I also don’t know what’s in store for me in the coming 365 days!

We are all going to get many reasons to smile, and some to cry, but why not try making the best of each day we have. Every night when you sleep, thank God for giving you another day, and every morning when you wake up, thank God again for giving you another day!

Think of those who lost their lives very young and also think of those who are not as blessed as you. Leave your grudges behind and make a fresh start. If you hated someone, give him or her another chance thinking it could be you and how would you feel if you are given that chance.

Look around and cherish the freshness in the air, think of all the good times you had last year and leave behind the bad ones you had. It’s that time of the year when we need to resolve, not just to be good but to be better. Not that we all can be the best, but we can be better than before.

As the year sets in, also think of those poorly clad poverty stricken without clothes in this winter chill. Lend them your clothes which you have not worn for ages, just because you got a new branded one.

If you are spending so much on your luxuries, spend a little on needs too, of others, who can’t even dream of their needs, leave alone luxuries. For you, the latest smart phone may be the next buy, but for them a blanket is something they have been thinking of since last year.

As we start another year, let’s make a new beginning. The sun has risen on the first day of 2012 giving us a chance to rise a little in our minds, to spare some time to think and do something.

If you got so many reasons to smile in the year gone by, lend some to those who may not have even got one.

“Never say goodbye…you always get another chance to say that”


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